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SMB2Super Monkey Ball 2 (video game)
SMB2Super Mario Brothers 2
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The new performance results were enabled by the new SMB Direct protocol that was developed by Microsoft, which takes advantage of Mellanox RDMA technology, and is part of the SMB2.
In addition, the Norman antimalware appliance scans and detects files associated with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 file sharing protocol, SMB2.
Mellanox Networking Drivers Support Low-Latency Fabric Consolidation, Continuous Availability, Storage Acceleration and Virtualization for SMB2.
In addition, plans are being finalized for the CIFS, SMB and SMB2 plugfest.
By delivering significant performance advantages as well as providing SMB2 support, Likewise-CIFS offers the highest performance option for technology companies that require a cross-platform file server.