SMBHSuper-Massive Black Holes
SMBHSensible Capacity MBH (1000 British Thermal Units per Hour)
SMBHShaw, McLeod, Belser and Hurlbutt Inc. (American Forest Management Real Estate)
SMBHSurrey Minor Ball Hockey
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Based on the relative strength of the infrared K- and L'-band emission at galaxy nuclei, they confirmed that at least one active SMBH occurs in every galaxy but one .
They used imaging data at these wavelengths to establish a method to differentiate the activities of deeply buried, active SMBHs from those of star formation.
This brings the total damages awarded to SMBH arising from the hotel's construction to $84 million.
SMBH proved that Fireman's Fund breached its contractual obligation to complete the hotel, now owned and successfully operated by brothers Edward and Thomas Slatkin.