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SMBUSSystem Management Bus
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The reversible software write-protect on four individual blocks, faster data rates and SMBus compatibility offers DRAM manufacturers added flexibility to enable new features in the high-speed PC, laptop and graphic card markets.
SMBus Interface -- Atmel's embedded TPM is the only TPM on the market to offer a system management bus (SMBus) interface.
Its dual SMBus feature, small form factor and support for a wide range of operating voltages make the SST89C58RC MCU an ideal solution for numerous applications, including HDMI, HDTVs, A/V receivers, home appliances, industrial instruments, notebook PCs, DVD players, Blu-ray players, RF modules and security applications such as fingerprint identification.
The I2C-based SMBus (System Management Bus) has been used for several years to manage batteries, chargers, and backlight systems, and has been considered an ideal basis for the PMBus.
For enhanced system performance monitoring, the specific cause of a fault in any of a slot's five supplies is recorded in internal registers and is accessible via the SMBus interface, offering the system design engineer comprehensive system diagnostic capabilities.
3VAUX gate driver circuits, current sense, and power MOSFETs -- Programmable inrush current limiting with active current regulation to control inrush current -- Dual-level, dual-speed overcurrent detection for quick fault response without nuisance tripping -- Allows for smaller MOSFETs and less PCB space for lower system cost -- Comes in a 48-pin TQFP package -- A high-accuracy, user-adjustable overcurrent detection timer eliminates false or "nuisance" tripping of the primary electronic circuit-breaker -- Slot power control with "Power-is-Good" and fault status reporting: -- Via software over the SMBus interface or -- Via dedicated hardware input/output lines -- Hot-Plug Interface, or HPI -- Voltage-tolerant I/O for compatibility with SMBus v2.
Summary of Features: MIC281 Low-Cost IttyBitty(TM) Thermal Sensor -- Measures Remote Temperature With 8-Bit Resolution -- +/-3degC Accuracy From +60degC To +100degC -- Superior Noise Immunity For High System Accuracy -- 2-Wire I2C/SMBus Compatible Serial Interface With Voltage-Tolerant I/O -- SMBus Timeout To Prevent Bus Lock-Up -- Failsafe Response To Diode Faults -- Low Power Shutdown Mode -- 3.
Included in the POL reference design is a pre-configured software kernel that features active dynamic dead time control for maximum operating efficiency, non-linear control response for fast transient response, and SMBus port capable of supporting industry-standard communication protocols.
Software ease-of-use features include the SMBus Alert Response Address protocol, programmable resolution, mask and status bits for all interrupt sources, S/W reset, and ID registers.