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SMBUSSystem Management Bus
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The reversible software write-protect on four individual blocks, faster data rates and SMBus compatibility offers DRAM manufacturers added flexibility to enable new features in the high-speed PC, laptop and graphic card markets.
The dual SMBus interface lets a GPU card controller and a CPU board controller access the temperature data of the GPU chip and graphics card, thereby eliminating communication errors.
In the fido1100, each UIC can be programmed to support 10/100 Ethernet (with MAC address filtering), two UARTs (16550 type), SMBus, Smart GPIO (up to 18-bits per UIC), SPI, I2C and even customer proprietary protocols.
The device uses the Intel SMBus to control the charge voltage and charge current.
Implemented over the industry-standard SMBus serial interface, the PMBus protocol facilitates programming, digital control and real-time monitoring of compliant power conversion products without the need to burden the host system with multiple protocols.
The X80000 and X80001 smart power management products integrate power sequencing and hot swap functions with an SMBus interface to enable intelligent power supply control in multi-card -48 V backplane applications.
Included in the POL reference design is a pre-configured software kernel that features active dynamic dead time control for maximum operating efficiency, non-linear control response for fast transient response, and SMBus port capable of supporting industry-standard communication protocols.