SMCDSydney Melbourne Coastal Drive (Australia; tourism)
SMCDSenile Macular and Choroidal Degeneration
SMCDSystemic Mast Cells Disease
SMCDScatterable Mine Clearing Device
SMCDSunday Morning Coming Down
SMCDSatellite Meteorology and Climatology Division (US NOAA)
SMCDSpecial Materials Cataloging Division (Library of Congress)
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The adoption of this technology is inevitable demanding organisations to carefully asses their risks by identifying the usage and data type stored or processed on SMCD and deploy necessary controls with awareness on secure mobile computing to mobile users.
The device adoption of SMCDs in the recent past has already surpassed the comparison with personal computer and as per estimates it will dwarf the PC sales in the coming years.
The amazing capabilities of the SMCDs, allow users to leverage the multiple functionality such as using it as a digital camera or a microphone to record speech or use like a GPS device to find locations.
Henry Purcell: Dido and Aeneas, with Jennifer Lane and the Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra; Jeanne Lamon, conductor; CBC Records; SMCD 5147
Soiree francaise, with Michael Schade and the Canadian Opera Company Orchestra; Richard Bradshaw, conductor; CBC Records; SMCD 5174