SMCIISmall Multi-User Computer, Version II (US Army)
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Busia's PP government 1969-1972; Gen Kutu Acheampong's SMCI 1972-78; Lt-Gen Frederick Akuffo's SMCII 1978-79; Flt-Lt Jerry Rawlings AFRC June 1979-Sept 1979; Dr Hilla Limann's PNP government 1979-1981; and Flt-Lt Rawlings PNDC 1981-1992.
The uprising by young officers (against the SMCII military government) was led by the then Capt Kojo Boakye Djan (see NA, Feb & March 2001).
K Akuffo's SMCII military government (Gen Acheampong had been overthrown in a palace coup on 5 July 1978) made the mistake of giving Rawlings a public trial during which he was secretly teleguided on what to say in his defence by the Free Africa Movement.