SMCLSecondary Maximum Contaminant Level
SMCLSan Mateo County Library (California)
SMCLShek Mun Campus Library (Hong Kong Baptist University; Hong Kong)
SMCLSamskip Multimodal Container Logistics (transport services; Netherlands)
SMCLSecondary Maximum Contamination Level
SMCLSouth Montgomery County Library (The Woodlands, TX)
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For possible synergistic effects from exposure to multiple contaminants at concentrations exceeding SMCLs and other ATSDR health comparison values, we first evaluated possible harmful health effects from exposures to individual contaminants.
This program essentially provides 24/7 access to those who are currently limited to using the Internet at a physical library facility during a once-a-day, 2-hour time slot, allowing them to continue to learn, work, explore, and create even after the library is closed," said Anne-Marie Despain, director of Library Services for SMCL.
51) However, state primacy regulations and guidance should always take precedence in the event that an SMCL or MCL is exceeded.
208: Special Notice for Ex ceedance of the SMCL for Fluoride.
In line with the first premise of SMCL, Piaget and Inhelder (1969) theorized learners' experiences and prior knowledge help them develop perceptions of the world around them, which they use to make sense of their surroundings.
The second premise of SMCL was that new information should be presented to learners at an appropriate level for learning to occur.
Using the SMCL instead of the MCL would increase the number of fluoride exceedances from 0 to 21.
Twenty-one wells produced water below the SMCL of 0.
Three wells produced water above the SMCL but below U.
1) SMCL--Allows screening of HM against the SMCL prior to procurement, and generates SMCL feedback reports (SFRs), if required.
Sometimes an SMCL for a drinking-water contaminant may be set from the point of view of technology.
Among them are the wells at Manley Street, which contain mineral concentrations above the SMCLs that have been treated with sequesterants.