SMCMSt. Mary's College of Maryland
SMCMSurface Mine Countermeasures
SMCMSanta Monica Critical Mass (Santa Monica, California social bicycle ride)
SMCMMaster Chief Signalman (Naval Rating)
SMCMSingapore-Malaysia Congress of Medicine (annual conference)
SMCMSmooth Muscle Cell Matrix (medicine)
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Vayamos al caso de la FI de la prensa, el subsistema del SMCM del que nos ocupamos en este trabajo.
Estos vinculos de prestamos y referencias son propiciados por las reglas de competencia comercial y favorecidos, en la actualidad, por las NTICs, lo que incrementa la redundancia en la informacion producida, recontextualizada y puesta en circulacion por el SMCM.
Como todo sistema social, el SMCM es producto de una historia y exhibe de diferentes maneras las huellas de las tensiones y asimetrias de la formacion social.
Esa fue la situacion, hasta que se produjeron cambios que indicaban rupturas discursivas, asociadas tambien a rupturas en la formacion ideologica del SMCM.
The SMCM simulation with chain-length dependent rate constants and primary cyclization reactions follow the experimental profile closely; it performs particularly well for lower photoinitiator loading concentrations, and qualitatively follows the experimental trend even at the highest photoinitiator loading concentrations.
To further validate the SMCM, FTIR, and DSC measurements were also conducted.
In this figure, points marked with diamonds and squares represent the experimental measurements and the predictions of the SMCM, respectively.
SMCM has come to talk about peer review as not only a particular genre or even a specific writing task, but as a practice that can inform workshops on any topic.
Both UConn-AP and SMCM are committed to providing a substantial academic and practical pedagogical background to tutors, and both offer a credit-bearing peer tutoring course.
And since each SMCM workshop is usually either a new model or a significant adaptation, each is also an opportunity for the tutors to be creative and take responsibility.
The harbor and port MCM problem will not ultimately be resolved using traditional AMCM, SMCM, UMCM assets," Rear Admiral Deborah A.
Experimental data were simulated using SMCM developed for the photopolymerization of a homogenous and well-mixed systems.