SMCRSelected Marine Corps Reserve
SMCRSmith-Magenis Chromosome Region
SMCRSelf-Modeling Curve Resolution
SMCRSource-Message-Channel-Receiver (communication model)
SMCRSmart Media Card Reader
SMCRService Members' Civil Relief Act (federal law)
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In the four years since the last position statement from the SMCR on menstrual suppression more studies have become available on both endometrial safety and on patterns of unexpected and expected bleeding.
What is also missing, according to the SMCR position statement, are long-term studies that address potential risks beyond the uterus, such as breast, bone and cardiovascular health.
Ingrid Johnston-Robledo, on the Board of Directors for SMCR and also a Professor in the Department of Psychology at the State University of New York notes that "it is also important that research address the social, psychological and cultural implications of menstrual suppression, as well as the biomedical effects.
The SMCR remains concerned that pharmaceutical campaigns used to market cycle-stopping contraception depict the menstrual cycle as abnormal, undesirable, unnecessary and even unhealthy.
The team is completed by Chioma Ibe and Megan Fietze, who have both worked for Savills previous SMCR team for a number of years and specialise in delivering marketing strategies to multiple shopping centres across the UK.