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SMDScience Mission Directorate (NASA)
SMDSurface Mount Device
SMDStandard Microcircuit Drawing
SMDSimian Mobile Disco (band)
SMDStandard Market Design (US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)
SMDStanford Microarray Database
SMDSega Mega Drive (game console)
SMDSingle Member District
SMDSouthern Maryland
SMDState Medicaid Director
SMDSenile Macular Degeneration
SMDSauter Mean Diameter
SMDSolder Mask Defined (semiconductor substrate process)
SMDSevere Mood Dysregulation (bipolar disorder)
SMDSoil Machine Dynamics (UK)
SMDStorage Module Device (interface standard for disk drives)
SMDSenior Managing Director
SMDSeverely Mentally Disabled
SMDSyndrome Myélodysplasique (French: Myelodysplastic Syndrome)
SMDStorage Module Drive
SMDSea-Based Midcourse Defense
SMDSuck My Deck (Simian Mobile Disco album)
SMDStandard Military Drawings
SMDShort Message Delivery
SMDStreaming Media Decoder
SMDSpeed Measuring Device (as in police radar guns)
SMDStrategic Missile Defense (US DoD)
SMDSkill Matching Database (Australian immigration)
SMDSociété de Mèdecine Dentaire
SMDSea-Based Missile Defense
SMDStrain Measurement Devices Inc (Meriden, Connecticut and Chedburgh, England)
SMDSection de Médecine Dentaire (French: Dental Medicine Section; Switzerland)
SMDState MARS Director
SMDSurface Mounted Diode (electronics)
SMDSolar Magnetic Disturbance
SMDSigma Mu Delta (pre-medical fraternity)
SMDSyndicat Mixte du Dijonnais (French: Union Meeting of Dijon; France)
SMDStructures and Mechanics Division
SMDSystems Management Division (Intel)
SMDSurface Mean Diameter
SMDStudenten-Mission in Deutschland
SMDSommaire des Motifs de Décision (French: Summary of Reasons for Decision; Health Canada)
SMDSociété Menuiserie Delaplanche (French: Delaplanche Carpenter Company)
SMDSpacelab Mission Development (US NASA)
SMDSub Mucous Diathermy
SMDSystème Métrique Décimal (French: Metric Decimal System)
SMDSystem Management Daemon (Unix)
SMDSynchronous Message Delivery
SMDStandardized Manufacturing Drawing
SMDSpectrum Matching Detector
SMDStandard Macrobiotic Diet
SMDService Member Data
SMDSeparate Mechanized Division
SMDShip/Shore Manpower/Manning Document
SMDSystems Management Director/Directorate
SMDSoftware Management Directorate
SMDSmall Munition Dispenser
SMDSmart Metering Device
SMDShore Maintenance Detachment (US Coast Guard)
SMDSociedad Madrileña del Dolor (Madrid's Pain Society)
SMDSerrurerie Métallerie Delamaide (French metalworking company)
SMDSmall Man's Disease
SMDState Military Department (various locations)
SMDSheet Music Direct (various locations)
SMDSenior Medical Director (healthcare; various locations)
SMDStato Maggiore Della Difesa (Italian: General Staff of the Defense)
SMDSmall Molecules Department (Rockville, MD)
SMDSindrome Mielo Displásico (Spanish: Myelo Dysplasic Syndrome)
SMDSmart Mobile Device
SMDSchool of Medicine and Dentistry (various locations)
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While Mr Rongjun said there were no immediate plans for further acquisitions, he con-firmed that Hong Kong Stock Exchange-listed CSR Times Electric would be pleased to fund any moves deemed necessary by SMD chief executive Andrew Hodgson, who continues to lead the firm.
For the comparison of 2D model and 3D model in finding the SMD, it shows that the 2D model always give a result of 20[micro]m larger than 3D.
SMD supplied more than 700 pot shells to the Ma'aden aluminium plant as well as aluminium duct work directly to the Ma'aden smelter.
Sulzer Pumps offers a standard range of SMD pumps available in 20 sizes, each including a minimum of two hydraulic options achieved through exchangeable impellers.
As part of the contract SMD will also receive product lifecycle management (PLM) functionality via IFS Applications, ensuring that the company can keep track of each system.
All the shares and assets of the SMD subsidiaries of Hitachi, Sony and Toshiba will be transferred to the joint venture, with INCJ, a public-private partnership providing financial, technological and management support for next-generation business, planning to invest 200 billion yen in the new firm for a 70% stake and voting rights, and Hitachi, Sony and Toshiba each holding 10%.
The SMD has prepared a rich programme to celebrate Eid Al Fitr with the aim of highlighting the importance of this joyous occasion, instilling religious and educational values in our children, and providing a atmosphere that is culturally rich and entertaining for museum visitors, particularly 
Our partnership with ITQAN highlights our commitment to continually develop and upgrade our internal processes, and by doing so we ensure that SMD provides more efficient and higher quality services for our visitors.
SMD production factories often use hundreds of presses since the reaction chamber is quite small; one synthesis might produce fewer than 100 carats to specification per ran.
Commenting on the agreement, Dr Eva Pisa, CEO of SMD, said: "DxS' Scorpions technology offers reliable and highly sensitive DNA detection, key attributes that will support the development of our PCR-based tests as we look to extend the range of products within our core markets of oncology and infectious disease.
The SMD Wynne Corporation website is your one stop online for Calzuro and other healthcare footwear.
His position is it's not about him and SMD, it's about athletes' rights to choose who they wish to act as their representatives.