SMDBStill Move, a Dance is Born
SMDBSouthern Murray Darling Basin (irrigation/water supply; Australia)
SMDBSub Main Distribution Board (electrical building services)
SMDBShort Message Delivery Broadcast
SMDBServicing Mission Data Base (NASA)
SMDBSmall and Medium Business
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Recordings of the relevant programmes were provided by SMDB.
From this point the honeypot is no longer capable of identifying the methods used by the attackers, but it notes that when using the SMDB protocol it is used the NetShareEnumAll as the call to the service.
Song Made Popular by We Don't Dance, We Are the Dance SMDB (France) Ma Philosophie Amel Bent (France) Blink John Dahlback (France) Je vais vite Lorie (France) On s'attache Christophe Mae (France) Mademoiselle Juliette Alizee (France) Ein Stern (.
TIG is a nationally recognized SMDB supplier specializing in providing clients with value-added computing solutions.