SMDEStatic Mercury Drop Electrode
SMDESimulation Model Development Environment
SMDESelf-Masked Dry Etching (nanotechnology)
SMDESystem-Managed Directory Entry (computing; IBM)
SMDEStudies in Moral Development and Education (University of Illinois at Chicago; Chicago, IL)
SMDEStupid Melon Dumb Egg
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the Condesc, the Sindivest-MG/Muriae, the Senai, the SMDE .
The coordination of joint actions is exercised by Condesc, Sindivest-MG/ Muriae and SMDE entities, whose representatives are constantly searching for alternatives to promote the development of enterprises and also exert influence over other organizations and companies as to their involvement and participation.
CHART 3 JOINT ACTIONS TAKEN BY THE CLOTHING LPA OF MURIAE (MG) JOINT ACTION OBJECTIVE ENTITIES INVOLVED Labor training To offer training for Sebrae-MG e CDL the companies' workers Muriae Labor training To promote the Condesc, Sebrae-MG, development of the SMDE and Senai companies To offer industrial Condesc sewing courses at the Open and Integrated Minas Gerais University (Uaitec) Tech consulting To identify possible Sebrae-MG and Senai failures in the companies' productive process Promotion of To inform and invite Condesc, CDL Muriae, events entrepreneurs to SMDE and Sindivest- participate in events MG/Muriae.