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SMDTSupreme Meme Dream Team
SMDTSuperpave Mix Design Technologist (asphalt management)
SMDTSeoul Metropolitan Dance Theater (Seoul, South Korea)
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In Morroco, Women-Shoufouch is a similar SMDT platform used to combat gender-based violence (Skalli, 2014).
In rural Zambia boys' education is often prioritised above girls' and these norms affect the abilities to make effective use of SMDT (digital literacy levels).
An additional source of potential bias in SMDT data stems from the nature and characteristics of violent events.
The relationship between the intensity of violent events and their reporting using SMDT, however, is not linear.
Given their reliance on non-professional data collectors, similar measurement errors are likely to be present in SMDT data as well, although their magnitude has not yet been evaluated.
For example, Weidmann (2015) shows that only 30% of the violent events present in the US "Significant Activities" military database that are coded as perpetrated by insurgent groups were present in media-based datasets, a very large discrepancy that points to potentially large biases in media-based data, which could also be present in SMDT data.
As a result, SMDT coverage of an event might be extensive for a certain period and then severely reduced following repressive measures, which can lead to unbalanced event coverage that cripples data analysis.
Given that one of the comparative advantages of SMDT data is the capacity to record events in real time, the question of whether SMDT data can accurately capture the temporality of violent events requires a more extensive discussion.
SMDT data can address these fundamental limitations, as the data is generated and collected in real time, and each piece of data is automatically geo-located and date-stamped, allowing researchers to capture spatial and temporal diffusion of violent events with increased precision.
Yet not all SMDT data collection methods display similar capacities to accurately capture the timing of violent events.
The issue of temporality of SMDT data is also tied to the core questions of causality and causal inference.
of SMDT technologies changes the temporal and spatial dynamics of violence.