SMEASony Music Entertainment Australia (record label)
SMEASmall and Medium Enterprise Agency (Japan)
SMEAStudent Michigan Education Association
SMEASmall and Medium Enterprise Administration (Ministry of Economic Affairs; Taiwan)
SMEASekolah Menengah Ekonomi Atas (Indonesian: technical secondary school; Indonesia)
SMEASaskatchewan Music Educators Association (Canada)
SMEAScuola di Specializzazione e Master in Economia del Sistema Agro-Alimentare (Italian: Specialisation and Masters School in Economics of the Agricultural and Food System)
SMEASafe Mode Electronics Assembly
SMEASuccess Modes and Effects Analysis
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In the 2002 issue, for example, the SMEA reports that about 20% of small businesses with no more than 20 employees were either declined, or were required to reduce their borrowing requests filed at financial institutions, which is one of many symptoms of financial market frictions.
Although there is historical evidence that the probability of working as subcontractor is negatively related to firm size in many Japanese industries in the 1970s and 1980s (Kimura 2002), the data collected for the Survey of the structure of subcontract work in Japan, published by SMEA since 1996, shows that in the 1990s a radical restructuring of the subcontracting relationships occurred.
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Contra Wegner, the Old Hurrian combination =id=o (where =o is the transitive valence marker), is used when the agent is third plural and when the patient is either singular or plural (see Campbell, SMEA 49 [2008]).
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