SMECOSouthern Maryland Electric Cooperative (MD, USA)
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The PSEG Waldorf Solar Center is another great example of this and will provide renewable, emission-free energy for SMECO customers for years to come.
SMECO CEO Joe Slater noted that the setback in the proposed pilot has not cancelled the co-op's interest in the potential of the technology, but rather served as a reminder of the complexity of adopting a new technology.
Ultimately, SMECO selected Panasonic's fully-rugged Toughbook 30, with integrated mobile broadband and GPS, for its durability and functionality in and out of vehicles.
The SMECO contract extends to all multifamily owners and operators that the customer-owned electric cooperative serves in Prince George's (southern), Charles, St.
Our first notice that we'd received any kind of award was receiving the box with the trophy," recalls SMECO President and CEO Joe Slater.
For commercial accounts, trade allies, and other SMECO stakeholders, ICF will provide training, technical support, and assistance in identifying and delivering measures eligible for incentive funding.
We look forward to continuing our successful collaboration with SMECO and helping the utility grow its energy efficiency programs into 2017 and beyond.
Each year, SMECO determines what percentage of the capital credits can be distributed to the members.
ICF will continue to provide implementation services in support of SMECO s residential, commercial and industrial energy efficiency programs under the EmPOWER Maryland Energy Efficiency Act, which is a statewide initiative with the goal of reducing the overall per capita electric consumption and demand by 15 percent by 2015.
SMECO will use the pilot to quantify the operational benefits of smart meters, such as reducing the number of unnecessary site visits.
Our plan is to break ground before the end of the year, and we look forward to bringing on-line a generation facility that will provide cost-effective solar power to SMECO.