SMEFStandard Media Exchange Framework (BBC)
SMEFSpontaneous Massive Existence Failure (Douglas Adams' Starship Titanic)
SMEFSpontaneous Massive Existence Failure (Douglas Adams book "Starship Titanic")
SMEFShawnee Mission Education Foundation (Shawnee Mission, KS)
SMEFSoftware Metrics European Forum (conferences)
SMEFSystem Management and Engineering Facility (USCG)
SMEFSuper Mutant Eating Fish (video game)
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The SMEF Inma Leadership programme is the first of its kind in Oman, bringing together young minds and successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders from across Oman to share their experiences.
We are constantly working with like-minded institutions such as the SMEF to identify, develop and train prospective entrepreneurs by networking with entrepreneurship clubs and academic institutions.
As part of the deal, GLI will acquire from SMEF USD 800,000 of senior preferred stock in the share capital of The Credit Junction.
Quintanilla SMEF #1H was spudded on 16 October and drilled to a total depth of 16,458 ft.
Production facilities for this well and the Quintanilla SMEF #1H have been completed.
La estructura de metadatos de SMEF cubre la informacion relacionada con los programas desde que son un proyecto, hasta que son difundidos en antena.
De Jong apunta que este formato no puede utilizarse de manera gratuita, pero si el llamado Open SMEF que define el conjunto minimo de metadatos para el intercambio de informacion entre organizaciones.
The SMEF will teach students how to become entrepreneurs, how to make a small business plan, and how to be involved in a project that can be realised immediately on the campus,'' said Parambi.
The Hoskins 3H and the Quintanilla SMEF 1H should both add to Texon's growing production volume by February and the Hoskins 4H should begin to contribute production late February-early March.
The Texon-Quintanilla SMEF 1H will now be fracced using the same crew that fracced the Hoskins EFS #3H well.
The EFS Joint Venture ("EFS JV") announced at the EGM on 31 August is in the final stages of being documented and the first well, Quintanilla SMEF #1H was spudded on 16 October 2012.
In the SMEF laboratory building, strawberries are cultivated in a sealed environment under artificial light.