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SMEISales & Marketing Executives, International (New York nonprofit)
SMEISevere Myoclonic Epilepsy of Infancy
SMEISolar Mass Ejection Imager (joint research project)
SMEISony Music Entertainment Inc.
SMEISystems Management Engineering, Inc. (est. 1997; Reston, VA)
SMEISimplicity Matters Earth Institute (Keedysville, MD)
SMEISmall/Medium Enterprise Initiative
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Zamanla klinik olarak tipik SMEI olgularinin yani sira miyoklonik nobetlerin ve EEG'de jeneralize diken dalga aktivitesinin izlenmedigi, bilissel bozulmanin daha sinirli oldugu, atipik/sinirda (SMEB) olgular da tanimlanmistir (2).
The China Pharmaceutical Guide 2018, an indispensable annual reference for MNC pharma executives with China responsibilities for more than a decade, provides various data sets on the Chinese pharmaceutical market and drug consumption patterns from respected sources including QuintilesIMS, SMEI, CPIIC, CPA, Sinohealth, Nicholas Hall and other official sources.
The SMEI has a great advantage over the EMGs, by minimizing the capture activity from neighboring muscles and signal interference, secondary to the displacement between the electrode and the skin, in order, that the fixing is directly inside the muscle under study [14].
With the aim of having a qualitative reference to ponder the RMX performance, for the particular system studied, two PLA/EG blends were prepared by means of an internal mixer and their morphology were compared to RMX samples at the same estimated specific mixing energy inputs (SMEI) as described in the experimental section.
Originally launched in October 2011 as a confidence index which targets SMEs developed by an international bank in China, SMEI has been revamped in an effort to give a deeper understanding of the activity and sentiment among small and mid-sized Chinese companies.
(2010) Solar Mass Ejection Imager (SMEI) and interplanetary scintillation (IPS) 3D-reconstructions of the inner heliosphere.
Dravet syndrome, also called severe myoclonic epilepsy of infancy (SMEI), is a rare genetic disorder with typical onset in the first year of life.
September: Sales & Marketing Executives Intl (SMEI) joined forces with SME Puerto Rico to celebrate, during one event in San Juan, the association's 75th anniversary, 60 years of SME in Puerto Rico, 10 years of its conventions and 25 years of SMEI's professional certifications.
A study by SMEI showed that 81% of sales are made after the fifth contact.
During their second year children with SMEI can have more frequent and persistent seizures, are often more obviously partial (involving one part of the body) and no longer occur when a child has a high temperature but at any time.