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SMELLYSociety for Meaningless Evil, Larceny, Lying and Yelling (video game spy organization)
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Total quantity or scope: The contract is execution of rehabilitation and upgrading of roads for phase two, as Technical Project reviewed the project Development of Tourist Area Smelly - Rehabilitation and modernization of local roads in the tourist resort Smelly according to the specifications and Lists amounts that are part of the tender documentation.
com editor, Geoffrey Thomas, while it was expected that Reclinus Maximus would rate highly, the level of frustration for the smelly passenger reflects a decline in hygiene standards.
A sure-fire way to get rid of smelly feet is to wash your feet with an anti-bacterial soap.
For an hour I get to relax in a room that smells nice, I get to put pink coloured liquids in the water and imagine I'm lying on a beach somewhere, and that the pile of mismatched, smelly socks is not waiting to be washed when I get out.
After being smelly for so long, Stinkysaurus realises he likes being clean because it means people will play with him.
came out stinking cold and smelly," Madhavan tweeted.
WORKERS who shout down the phone, never offer to make tea and coffee, or bring smelly food into the office, are among the top bugbears of employees.
WORKERS who shout down the phone, never offer to make tea and coffee, or bring smelly food into the office for lunch, are among the top bugbears of employees, according to a new study.
Next, Venice in Italy has a reputation for being smelly especially during the summer months when the city's sewage system pumps waste directly into the canals.
I had to abandon the clearance rail at T K Maxx one day last week and hide in sportswear like a hunter moving upwind from a particularly smelly wildbeest.
REGARDING the article about Butetown (February 19), I was very offended by the description of Tiger Bay given by your journalist: rotten, dirty and smelly.
Staff member "Suely" says her biggest gripes include smelly passengers and snotty celebrities.