SMERSanta Margarita Ecological Reserve (San Diego State University)
SMERSubmarine Escape and Rescue
SMERSmart Multiple Ejector Rack (military)
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However, she remains in her post for now.PM Peter Pellegrini (Smer) has said that he would comment on the case "quickly and clearly" if it is proven that she had not acted as a person in her post should.
It also led to the resignation of then prime minister, Smer leader Robert Fico.
But we already anticipated a slight deceleration in fiscal consolidation following March's election, reflecting Smer's manifesto commitment to a third social package, worth EUR1bn (1.2% of GDP) over several years.
However, the expression pattern abnormality of mMer and sMer in SLE as well as their clinical relevance in SLE has not been fully elucidated.
Prime Minister Robert Fico, the leader of Smer, was quick to blame the SDKEU and another rightist party, Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) for not supporting the Smer candidate against Kotleba.
There are many modalities to solve the problem and in this way the last legal solution that would do no good to the employees will be avoided," said Pece Ristevski, president of SMER.
At any particular temperature of drying, the average values of MER and SMER are concluded as follows,
The rise of Smer in Slovakia, for example, was partly due to the massive financial support the party received from wealthy businessmen, such as Juraj Siroky and Vladimir Poor, who felt they had been denied their "fair" share of public contracts.
Compared to the beginning of August, Smer dropped by 1 percentage point to 20.8 percent.
That represented a significant drop in support from the 2012 election when Smer took 44.4 percent and was able to govern alone.
Fico's centre-left Smer party won a majority in parliament and the prime minister in waiting said he would uphold the outgoing government's commitment to cut the central European country's budget gap and support steps to strengthen the euro zone.