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SMERSHSmert' Shpionam (Soviet Army Counterintelligence, WWII)
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The firm is headed by Ernst Stavro Blofeld and has developed into a complex organization, which includes criminal mastermind members like Gestapo, the Mafia and Smersh. The firm already has an important place in the franchisee as 'Spectre' along with its head Blofeld and his white Persian cat also appeared in seven earlier Bond movies.
Iakovlev et al., eds., Liubianka: Stalin i NKVD-NKGB-GUKR "Smersh, " 1939-mart 1946(Moscow: Materik, 2006), 317-18.
NKGB authorities working on the 1943-1944 preliminary investigation took advantage of the military counterintelligence investigations by SMERSH that focused on charges of collaboration with the Germans that began even before their arrival in the Katyn region.
That pic was a fizzle, and in the era of detente the commies and crooks of Smersh and Spectre no longer seemed as threatening, so Bond found himself battling grandiose planet transformation schemes (Stromberg's undersea kingdom in "The Spy Who Loved Me"), and efforts to lure East and West into unwanted nuclear confrontations (General Orlov in "Octopussy").
"Smersh: Stalin's Secret Weapon - Soviet Military Counterintelligence in WWII" discusses this Soviet organization which gained infamy in World War II as one of the most useful and feared Soviet agencies throughout the war in working against spies from Germany and helped the Soviet Union install its influence in the tumultuous years following it.
The names Beria and Abakumov are misspelled in the document as "Peria" and "Aga mubov." Viktor Semionovich Abakumov (1894-1954) headed the Main Directorate for Counterintelligence (Glavnoe Upravlenie Kontrrazvedki, or GUKR)--better known as SMERSH (smert' shpionam, or "death to spies")--from 1943 to 1946 and as minister of state security from 1946 to 1951.
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"SMERSH" - the counter-intelligence departments in the Soviet Army) Cold War clandestine operations behind the Iron Curtain.
'SMERSH'--the Soviet agency whose name means 'Death to Spies'--is recognisably Cold War.