SMERTStorm Mountain Emergency Response Team (Drake, CO)
SMERTShanghai Municipal Economic Relations and Trade Commission (China)
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(21) Larisa Maliukova, "'Smert' Stalina': Otmenit'!" Novaia gazeta, 23 January 2018 (https://
The injury is his "smert cotidian" (25), which came from the weapon of "ignorance" (43).
Dimitrova believes that the Bulgarian operation was modelled on the Soviet counter-intelligence organisation SMERSH--an abbreviation which means Smert Shpionom in Russian (death of spies) responsible for the assassination of many dissidents abroad.
(83) Vladimir Yanchenko, "'Traktorist' seyal smert'" ["Traktorist" sows death], Trud, no.
Robert Russell's "From Individual to Universal: Tolstoy's 'Smert Ivana Il'icha'" provides the most concentrated discussion of Tolstoy's method of encouraging universal identification with Ivan Ilich.
(18) 'O stsenarii' and 'O siuzhete i fabule v kino' were published in March, by which time Tynianov was already at work on what would become his second novel, Smert' Vazir-Mukhtara [The Death of Vazir-Mukhar], which commenced serial publication in the journal Zvezda in January 1927, but would not be completed until March-April 1928.
The Pardoner responds like the courtly gentleman he will shortly be counterfeiting in the cathedral, pretending to believe that Kit might actually pine away for love like Alcione in The Book of the Duchess: So kynde a lover as ye be oon, and so trew of hert, For by my trewe conscience, yit for yewe I smert And shall this month hereafter for yeur soden disese....
The utterance I have quoted echoes a couplet from a poem Ivanov wrote years before: "He forever triumphs over death / in whom a living memory lives." ("Nad smert'iu vechno torzhestvuet / v kom pamiat' vechnania zhivet.") (2) As a classical philologist, Ivanov understood theoria in its original sense as the faculty of panoramic sight.
Balnaia otsenka obschego sostoiania krys, pereneschikh klinicheskuiu smert (Point assessment of the general state of rats surviving clinical death).
Zhizn' i smert' Mikhaila Kruga: dokumental' naia povest'.
SMERT THINKING: The sequence of events (inset) leading to Alexei Smertin's fall under Ledley King's challenge for the Chelsea penalty
(I smert' otvsjudu im: otkryt Prod nimi zev puciny zadnyj; Za nimi s berega grozit Ullin, kak burja besposcadnyj.)