SMEWWStandard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater
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2], el cultivo de la bacteria hospedera y el agar, como se describio en el Protocolo 9224 E del SMEWW.
ES]), total volatile acid (TVA), bicarbonate alkalinity (BA), volatile suspended solids (VSS), as well as the discharged volume (V) and the pH were monitored in both the influent and effluent in different cycles for all conditions according to SMEWW (1995) procedures, and the biogas composition was evaluated through gas chromatography.
At the beginning and end of each test, water samples were taken and analyzed for the corresponding metal concentrations following SMEWW (1989) through Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (Analyst 400 Perkin Elmer, USA).
bones, gills, gut, intestine, kidney, liver, scales, skin, muscle and fats for the determination of Cr by following the methods of SMEWW (1989).
The fish organs were digested in nitric acid and perchloric acid and Fe concentrations were determined with the methods of SMEWW (1989).