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In 2003, the SMEX tests in the United States were completed in 23 days and used one or two airplanes along with the satellites.
A ground crew of about 40 sampled plants and soil in Alabama and 20 flew aboard the P-3B plane--fairly typical-size crews for the SMEX campaigns.
Orbital is very pleased to be able to continue our support for NASA's SMEX program with our selection by the Goddard Space Flight Center to build and operate the GEMS satellite," said Mr.
The selected proposals were among 29 SMEX and eight mission-of-opportunity proposals submitted to NASA in May 2003.
We are happy to have had the opportunity to work with UC Berkeley and help make this NASA SMEX mission a success.
Siemens AG and SMEX constructed the substations through a US$154 million fixed-price turnkey engineering, procurement, and construction contract.
The Flights Projects Directorate of Goddard Space Flight Center manages the SMEX program in Greenbelt, MD.
SMEX spacecraft generally weigh between 150 and 250 kg.