SMFRSouth Metro Fire Rescue
SMFRSM-FetisistiRyhmä (Finnish BDSM organisation)
SMFRSelf-Myofascial Release Techniques
SMFRSector of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
SMFRSo Much for Resolution (band)
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The rate of force development measured during CMJ also increased after SMFR, reaching statistical significance at 200 ms from force onset at POST 3h (+38.9%, p=0.024).
Conclusions: An acute use of foam roller for SMFR performed immediately prior to running may negatively affect the endurance running performance, while its use should be added before explosive motor performances that include stretch-shortening cycles.
Total SMFR varies with respect to outside wet-bulb temperature, therefore the wet-bulb temperature was divided into ten discrete ranges.
The annual SMFR from Boiler #5, was determined by Equation 1.
Therefore, the mass flow rate through the LP turbine is calculated as the difference between the SMFR of Boiler #5 and the SMFR used for heating, which remained the same as calculated for the current system.
The SMFR through the LP turbine is the difference between the steam flow through Boiler #5 and the SMFR needed for heating.
Strix's SMFR enables the industry's greatest scalability, fastest roaming handoff, and largest capacity achieved via distributed node intelligence, dynamic zero-latency path selection, and maximum multi-hop traffic distribution.
Strix's SMFR optimizes path selection regardless of network topology or size.