SMFSSimple-Minded File System
SMFSSingle Molecule Force Spectroscopy
SMFSShort Mystery Fiction Society
SMFSSouthampton Mineral and Fossil Society (UK)
SMFSSouthern Municipal Finance Society (National Federation of Municipal Analysts constituent society)
SMFSSouthern Mutual Financial Services (Louisiana)
SMFSSmoky Mountain Field School (Tennessee)
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Defining [r.sub.f] = [m.sup.2.sub.f]/[P.sup.2], with [P.sup.2], the invariant-mass-square of the scalar, f running over all colored fermion species (includes SMFs and VLFs) with mass [m.sub.f] and Yukawa couplings [y.sub.f], and the electric charge of the fermion (f) denoted by [Q.sub.f], [[kappa].sub.[phi]gg] and [[kappa].sub.[phi][gamma][gamma]] at 1-loop level are (for details see [23])
The light which comes from the optical power source passes through the SMF to the first waist enlarged region; the cladding mode is excited and propagates inside the SMF cladding region [8].
performing SMF's, the firm must further give a detailed description
SMFS is an independent financial adviser, providing FCA registered pensions and investment advice, often to beneficiaries of personal injury and clinical negligence claims.
The current optical communication system is commonly using a single-mode fiber (SMF) with a core diameter of about 10 micrometer and it which can be used in all the telecommunication wavelength region (1260 nm - 1625 nm).
When light enters into SMF, most of the light energy is bounded and transferred into the fiber core.
Table 1 showed that separate application of SMFs positively affected seed germination ratios and seedling vigour indexes than the groups of control and combined-applications of SMFs with drought and saline conditions than separate applications of either drought or saline conditions.
However, subsequent SMFS experiments indicated the existence of FNIII type of domains within the REJ module [14].
IFRS and IFRS for SME academic research is increasing and many indicate that SMF utilization lowers the cost of capital.
Dan Mutaditch, President of SMF comments: "Bursary winners will join a network of over 250 SMFs, providing excellent contacts and resources which they can draw on in their future careers.
Nearly four out of 10 SMFs (Single Mobile Females) have suffered from "text shame" - sending a text message and then regretting it the next morning.