SMGCSSurface Movement Guidance and Control System
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Pilots operating under Part 91 of the FARs can take off in any weather, and you may choose to do so at your home 'drome that perhaps only has a Cat I ILS and isn't SMGCS equipped.
There are SMGCS terms that many of us may have heard and even used without fully knowing what they mean.
Taxi route, when applied in a SMGCS environment, isn't just any route you follow from the ramp to the runway (or back), it's a specific, designated route marked and equipped for low visibility operations.
According to the SMGCS bible (AC120-57A, which is about as absorbing as aircraft certification standards and the rest of the FARs.
Each SMGCS implementation is different and not all the SMGCS lights, markings and signs will be present at all airports, or even at all places on a SMGCS airport.
Located in Warrington, England, atg airports is able to supply the worldwide airport market with market-leading constant current regulators, airfield signs and SMGCS control systems, whilst maintaining and developing its critical airside installation, commissioning and maintenance services.
Throughout the aviation industry where second best is simply not an option, airports across the globe rely upon ALSTOM's experience in the design, supply, installation and commissioning of equipment to meet and exceed their airfield lighting and SMGCS requirements.
Completed projects include London Gatwick in 1999, London Stansted in 2003 and Edinburgh in 2004 with work currently in progress at Aberdeen plus installation of the second phase of London Gatwick to add approach and runway services to the existing SMGCS system.
The system is designed and manufactured by atg airports and can accommodate the control and monitoring of the simplest airstrip AGL system to a sophisticated CAT III B SMGCS system for a major international airport.