SMGSSnowy Mountains Grammar School (Jindabyne, New South Wales, Australia)
SMGSSan Marcos Girls Softball (San Marcos, CA)
SMGSShow Me Gourd Society (Missouri)
SMGSSelmer Music Guidance Survey
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SMGS destination rail charges are paid by the recipient or appropriate prescriptions in force on the national railway.
b) For shipments from countries that apply SMGS rail fares are paid by the sender sending SMGS or appropriate prescriptions in force on the national railway.
CIM Uniform Rules and SMGS Provision of responsibility and are not affected by the use of CIM / SMGS.
Claims for damages due to partial or total loss or damage to goods when shipments are accompanied by a consignment note CIM / SMGS are presented and treated in accordance with Article 43 and 45 CIM and 29 SMGS and the following provisions:
1) Handling complaints CIM / SMGS for claims submitted within the scope of the CIM Uniform Rules;
For further treatment within the scope of application shall be forwarded SMGS compensation carrier and the resulting documents to the responsible network sending / receiving (2)) and inform the rightful one.
When the competent department of the network sending / receiving notes cause damage not only lies or not lies within the scope SMGS, he states in the claim that the liability is reported within the scope SMGS and communicate this decision to him (3).
The CIM consignment note defines standardised contractual specifications for international rail freight transport, while the SMGS consignment note includes the Contract of International Transport of Goods by Rail.
The redispatch place is the legal regime changing place regarding CIM and SMGS transport rules.
b) in SMGS-CIM traffic destination station according to SMGS and the takingplace delivery according to CIM.
The network sending the expedition site located beyond the scope SMGS to a place within the scope of the CIM Uniform Rules; the network receiving the shipment exceeds a place in the scope of the CIM Uniform Rules to a place within the scope SMGS.