SMGTSperm-Mediated Gene Transfer (biology)
SMGTSuper Marine Gas Turbine (Japanese project)
SMGTSupplemental Meritorious Good Time (prisons; Illinois)
SMGTServicing Mission Ground Test (NASA)
SMGTSo Many Good Times (Internet slang)
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Of the 11 ESs calculated, 3 used SM procedures, 6 used SM+R, 1 used SRF, and 1 used SMGT.
Finally, in SMGT, no studies assessed academic accuracy and productivity; thus, the effects of these procedures on participants' academic outcomes are unknown.
The results of this review suggest that SM, SM+R, SMGT, and SRF interventions can be a useful component in an intervention program for children with ADHD.
No SMGT studies addressed academics; rather the focus was on inappropriate, disruptive, or on-task behaviors.
This is the first report of the SMGT method in this field.
In this work, the production of transgenic kids by SMGT is based upon the spontaneous uptake of exogenous DNA by goat spermatozoa removed from seminal plasma.