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SMHPSouthern Made Hollywood Paid (clothing)
SMHPSuffolk Mental Health Partnership (UK)
SMHPShell Marine Habitat Program (Gulf of Mexico; Shell Oil Co. and US NOAA partnership)
SMHPSanta Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy (Santa Monica, CA)
SMHPSomali Mental Health Project
SMHPSpecialized Mental Health Program (University of Cincinnati, OH)
SMHPSchool Mental Health Programme (various locations)
SMHPSociété Médical des Hôpitaux de Paris
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The preliminary partnership between the OMHC and the SMHP was established through a series of conversations that allowed for trust building, clear understanding about roles and responsibilities for each organization, and the development of procedures and protocols for successfully linking the organizations.
Gradual roll out into all the SMHP schools allowed administrators to work out logistical and system concerns inherent in a fee-for-service model.
Within the SMHP framework, all children are eligible for services regardless of their ability to pay.
Working with the SMHP posed a particular challenge because the 22 schools are off-site from the OMHC.
Many clinicians previously had worked in traditional mental health settings (eg, inpatient, community mental health, day hospitals) and worried they would lose some creativity and autonomy that drew them to the SMHP.
This pilot evaluation did not document overall costs for the SMHP because multiple sources, including grants, contracts, and fee-for-service reimbursement fund program operations.