SMI-SStorage Management Initiative - Specification (SNIA)
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OpStor Upgrade: All-Flash Arrays, Forecast Dashboard, SMI-S
Finally, the latest version of OpStor includes an SMI-S
According to the company, McDATA's SMI-S Interface is certified as SNIA-CTP v1.1 compliant and can be used by third party management applications with an SMI-S certified client to discover, monitor and configure McDATA devices.
It is good for the customer and it is good for the vendor, also it is because of this that SMI-S will win out.
Vendor lock-in is eliminated because SMI-S makes it easier to implement heterogeneous solutions.
While those vendors will regard the demise of WideSky as a victory for their point of view, it must also be said that the open standard itself, SMI-S, has matured to the point where heterogeneous management can at least be spoken of as an achievable goal, albeit still some way off.
SMI-S, which is the storage piece of the broader CIM standard, provides an interface for managing multivendor storage devices.
But it's important that people know we've got the providers [SMI APIs] in our arrays now." HP's flagship XP array - a rebadged Lightning array originally made by Hitachi Ltd - and its Virtual Array are now shipping with an SMI-S provider, the company said.
SNIA took on a proposed storage specification named Bluefin and renamed it SMI-S (Storage Management Initiative Specification).
Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), iSCSI, SMI-S and SATA seemed to capture the interests of attendees and fill the hype-coffers of the vendors.
SMI-S is based on the Common Information Model (CIM) and Web Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) standards developed by the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF).
DMTF members turned over the storage component of CIM/WBEM, Bluefin, to SNIA which renamed it SMI-S. Ideally, the spec will standardize communication between SAN storage devices and management applications.