SMIAStandard Mobile Imaging Architecture
SMIASoccer Made in America (est. 1984; Oak Brook, IL)
SMIASustainable Management in Action
SMIAService Management in Action (Fox Information Technology Limited; UK)
SMIASexual Minorities in Athletics
SMIAStandard Mortgage Insurance Agency (New Orleans, LA)
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During the Review Year, the Group's two major business segments, namely the automated meter reading ("AMR") and other business and the Smart Manufacturing & Industrial Automation ("SMIA") business, both reported growth led to the increase in total revenue of 49.9%, amounted to approximately RMB475.8 million.
Su and co-worker reported the adsorption mechanism for the imprinted ion (Nickel (II)) of a novel surface molecular imprinting adsorbent (SMIA) prepared by the imprinting technique method [128].
Si se consideran en conjunto todos los paises en desarrollo, el arroz proporciona el 27% de la energia alimentaria y el 20% de la ingesta de proteina alimentaria (FAO, 2002; FAO, 2004; SMIA, 2006; IDEAS, 2007; Degiovanni et al., 2010).
Calibration curves were used to quantify analytes in small volumes (5 [micro]L) of defibrinated human plasma (BBI Diagnostics) containing calibrators added at low, medium, and high concentrations of 20,200, and 2000 ng/L, which correspond to 1.25, 12.5, and 125 ng/L upon dilution in the SMIA. Recoveries of the added analytes were generally good, ranging from 91%-96% (TNF-[alpha]), 72%-95% (IFN-[gamma]), and 39%-93% (MCP-1) (Table 1).
The SMIA specification would be offered for free to the mobile imaging industry and is available at
Rolls-Royce announced on Press Day that the uprated SMIC variant of the Marine Spey 20 MW gas turbine will be installed in HMS "Brave" in early 1990, replacing the SMIA Marine Speys installed in the frigate when she was launched four years ago.
"It's fantastic that SMIA has chosen Paisley as the location for the SAY Award ceremony for the past three years and shows the extent to which Paisley is now regarded as one of Scotland's centres of cultural excellence.
El arroz (Oryza sativa) es cultivado en 113 paises de todos los continentes y es considerado como uno de los cultivos de mayor importancia para la alimentacion mundial, ya que es el alimento basico de mas de la mitad de la poblacion mundial, el 40% depende de este para el 80% de su dieta (ONU, 2004; SMIA, 2006).
TRY HEALTHY TREATS: From left, Smia Anwar, Mark Kearns, Anna Russell and Claire Pitcher at the Life Store in Middlesbrough Picture by PETER BENN
Sponsor: ITSEM in coop w/IJCAII, AAAI, CSCSI, IAKE, ECCAI, SMIA, IBM of Mexico.