SMIDSmall Molecule Interaction Database (various locations)
SMIDStrategic Management and Innovations Division (US Army)
SMIDSevere Motor and Intellectual Disability (pediatrics)
SMIDSwitch Measure Identifier
SMIDSmall-Mid Capitalization (finance)
SMIDSelf-Supported Municipal Improvement District (Iowa)
SMIDSmith-Midland Corporation (OTC stock symbol)
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There is a stark contrast between the operating performance of SMID and large-cap companies.
If the current pace is maintained, annual deal volume will exceed prior highs, with SMID companies the major target.
We are taking advantage of the recent underperformance to initiate a positive call on SMID over large cap for these reasons.
The Russell Global SMID Index provides investors with a measure of the group of stocks that rank toward the bottom of the large cap segment and the top of the small cap segment.
Of the 97 constituent Taiwanese stocks for the Russell SMID Index, 47 are tech stocks, with the remainder being stocks in the fields of finance, domestic demand, raw materials, energy, and utilities.
The Source Russell Europe SMID 300 UCITS ETF enables investors to participate in the performance of 300 stock corporations in the small and mid cap (SMID) sector.
McVail, senior portfolio manager/security analyst, as the lead portfolio manager for SMID Growth Equity.
Schrotberger had served as a comanager of the SMID Growth Equity portfolios since its inception in 2004.
SMID Growth Equity, which held $273 million in assets as of March 31, 2010, generally owns stocks of companies with a higher rate of earnings growth than that of the average company in its benchmark, the Russell 2500 Growth Index.
A subcomponent of the Russell Global Index, the Russell Global SMID Index initially covers 3,981 of those securities with a market capitalization range from about $370 million to $5.
Instead of just combining small caps and midcap stocks, our approach reflects the SMID segment of the market as identified by investment managers," said Susie Caswell, global product manager for Russell Investments' indexes.
Offering comprehensive coverage of the SMID segment of the global market, Russell also launched a family of subcomponent benchmarks that seamlessly roll up into the Russell Global SMID such as the Russell Global SMID Growth Index and Russell Global SMID Emerging Markets Index.