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SMIFStudent-Managed Investment Fund (various universities)
SMIFSouthern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (Owatonna, MN)
SMIFStandard Mechanical Interface
SMIFStream-based Model Interchange Format
SMIFShared Materials Instrumentation Facility (Duke University)
SMIFStanford Management Internship Fund
SMIFSMAD4-Interacting Transcription Factor
SMIFSoldier Management Individual File
SMIFService Member Information File
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To connect our students with research opportunities while serving a community partner, we approached a local non-profit, the Southern Minnesota Research Foundation (SMIF).
SSRI [right arrow] Venlafaksin: Iki-uc ayn smif antidepresana ya da EKT'ye yanitsiz kalmis 84 olguda 12 haftalik venlafaksin sagaltimiyla %33 yanit bildirilmesi (62); gene en az bir antidepresana yanitsiz kalan 152 hastaya venlafaksinle %58 yanit saglanmasi (63); ve SSRI'lara yanitsiz 73 hastaya 8 haftalik venlafaksin uygulamasiyla %87 yanit bildirilmesi (64) ilginc gorunmektedir.
Revenue profit, the company's measure of underlying pretax profit, went down 10.5 per cent to pounds 172.8 million, due to interest on the Secondary Market Infrastructure Fund (SMIF) assets acquired in February 2007.
The original operator, Jarvis, fell behind with the schemes and eventually - after it revealed massive debts - withdrew and the contract was passed on to Secondary Market Infrastructure Fund Ltd (SMIF) who then stepped in to provide facilities management to the schools.
Hip-hop, punk and rock pioneers Fishbone show up on "Dead Ones." "The Squeeze" features Smif 'n' Wessun, and "Freedom Walk" has Dead Prez and Vernon Reid from Living Colour.
In contrast, the LPR 1016-FS1515 is configured to load and unload reticles from a single-reticle SMIF pod using a robotic transfer system.
But Jarvis has sold its shares in KSSL and investment firm Secondary Market Infrastructure Fund (SMIF) joined Barclays Bank and Kirklees Council to make up the trio of shareholders.
Now Secondary Marketing Industrial Funding (SMIF) is running the Private Finance Initiative to complete the six stations across Tyne & Wear.
XMI is a vendor-independent streaming metadata interchange format (SMIF), built to replace proprietary tools like those from Platinum Technology, Rational Software and Select Software Tools.
I am reminded of a comic strip of Snuffy Smif. Maw tells him to get some wood.
It can be used to observe and optimize wafer, cassette, SMIF and FOUP motions without exposing process areas to the environment.