SMINSerbian Multiservice Internet Network (Serbia)
SMINSouthern Maryland Information Network
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One vermilion rockfish (SMIN 3795) was detected at Platform Gail before returning to Grace, increasing its homing distance by 1 km (19 km total).
The stopped investment projects envisage the construction of 150 wind turbines by the General Toshevo company and 95 other wind turbines by the Smin company.
Smiths Detection (LSE: SMIN) on Tuesday announced that it has given the first public preview of a next-generation, high-speed scanner for screening checked airport baggage for explosives.
En el MCE se estima la relacion del INPCS con el salario minimo (smin), las variaciones en los salarios del sector servicios (vser), los precios externos (pext) y el impuesto al valor agregado (IVA).
As the score s runs from the highest score [s.sub.max] down to the lowest score smin, the estimator ER_I (s) decreases from 1 to [P.sub.G] ([s.sub.min] ), but the estimator E[^.R]_II (s) increases from [P.sub.I] ([s.sub.max] ) to 1.
Let us now introduce [beta][GAMMA](x,y) = ([alpha].(x - i,y)).sub.ieD.sup.']], where [D.sup.'] = [[delta].sub.min]; [delta].sub.max]], [[delta].sub.max] being such that [[delta].sub.max] [greater than or equal to] [[delta].sub.max] [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] and Smin such that [[delta].sub.min] [less than or equal to] [d.sub.min] - 1 + [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] .
The body of the loop is executed until s takes integer values from smin to smax with the default step.
16 smin: Michael Ballack curls a wicked free-kick around the Boro wall which is kept out at the foot of the right hand post by Turnbull with his chest.
A comparable grave problem is to be seen in the interpretation of stanza 22 (nadrste 'smin sa drsyate, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), which Lusthaus translates as "it is not the case that you don't see 'this' [i.e., paratantra] and yet can see 'that' [i.e., parinispanna]." Admittedly, the Chinese is elliptic, with the verbal element "to see" occurring only once, while in the Sanskrit we have adrsta and drsyate.
(NYSE:T) and U.K.-based Smiths Group plc (LSE: SMIN) has announced that the global technology business Smiths Group, has selected AT&T as its world-wide communications provider.
Global technology firm Smiths Group (SMIN) says headline operating profit and pre-tax profit for the year to July 31 will be in line with its expectations.