SMINSerbian Multiservice Internet Network (Serbia)
SMINSouthern Maryland Information Network
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One vermilion rockfish (SMIN 3795) was detected at Platform Gail before returning to Grace, increasing its homing distance by 1 km (19 km total).
The stopped investment projects envisage the construction of 150 wind turbines by the General Toshevo company and 95 other wind turbines by the Smin company.
Smiths Detection (LSE: SMIN) on Tuesday announced that it has given the first public preview of a next-generation, high-speed scanner for screening checked airport baggage for explosives.
As the score s runs from the highest score [s.sub.max] down to the lowest score smin, the estimator ER_I (s) decreases from 1 to [P.sub.G] ([s.sub.min] ), but the estimator E[^.R]_II (s) increases from [P.sub.I] ([s.sub.max] ) to 1.
Let us now introduce [beta][GAMMA](x,y) = ([alpha].(x - i,y)).sub.ieD.sup.']], where [D.sup.'] = [[delta].sub.min]; [delta].sub.max]], [[delta].sub.max] being such that [[delta].sub.max] [greater than or equal to] [[delta].sub.max] [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] and Smin such that [[delta].sub.min] [less than or equal to] [d.sub.min] - 1 + [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] .
The body of the loop is executed until s takes integer values from smin to smax with the default step.
16 smin: Michael Ballack curls a wicked free-kick around the Boro wall which is kept out at the foot of the right hand post by Turnbull with his chest.
A comparable grave problem is to be seen in the interpretation of stanza 22 (nadrste 'smin sa drsyate, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), which Lusthaus translates as "it is not the case that you don't see 'this' [i.e., paratantra] and yet can see 'that' [i.e., parinispanna]." Admittedly, the Chinese is elliptic, with the verbal element "to see" occurring only once, while in the Sanskrit we have adrsta and drsyate.
(NYSE:T) and U.K.-based Smiths Group plc (LSE: SMIN) has announced that the global technology business Smiths Group, has selected AT&T as its world-wide communications provider.
Global technology firm Smiths Group (SMIN) says headline operating profit and pre-tax profit for the year to July 31 will be in line with its expectations.