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SMIRSingle Mode Intermediate Reach
SMIRSingle Mode Fiber Intermediate Range
SMIRSuper Match Interdiction Rifle
SMIRServices Météorologiques Interrégionaux (France)
SMIRSupplier Master Information Register
SMIRSNMP Module Information Repository
SMIRShuttle Multispectral Infrared Radiometer (US NASA)
SMIRSingle Mode Intermediate Range (fiber optics)
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It also explains why the same B chromosome drives in one Moroccan population (Mechra, the southern, where the B chromosome seems to have arrived later), but not in others (Smir and SO.DE.A., the northern and central, where the B chromosome seems to have arrived earlier) (Bakkali et al.
The Garbatella--a joint venture between the king representing the Italian State, SMIR, and ICP--was a symbol of economic progress and industry's commitment and sensitivity to social needs.
There was some evidence of this in that respondents who stated an investment motive as their MIR said something other than retirement as their SMIR, although this association was reasonably weak (p = 0.12, p < .05).
(69.) "Basbakan Erdogan: Smir otesi icin fayda analizi sart," Radikal, 11 October 2007.
Smir Karayi, 1E chief executive, said: "It is especially important at Christmas that in the rush to get home for the festivities people don't forget to shut down their PCs."
Alcudia Smir near Kabila, a beachfront development of new homes and tourist accommodation on the north African country's Mediterranean coast, will comprise a mix of around 2,000 one, two and three bedroom apartments and villas, as well as a hotel and leisure facilities.
SELECTION of apartments in the Marina Beach development 500 metres from the Marina Smir complex with its restaurants and other amenities.
Several months later, me and a gang of karaoke-hungry boozers in search of a cheap drink (we called ourselves The Attention Seekers) were the ones skulking in the smir when we turned up to find time had been called in the working man's drinking den.
Spaling and Smir (1995) developed a conceptual model of the potential cumulative effects of agricultural land drainage, which suggests that as drainage impacts accumulate in watersheds, effects will become manifested at longer temporal and broader spatial scales.
Le premier [beaucoup moins que]Pop up store[beaucoup plus grand que] a ete mis en place a Marina Smir a Fnideq, et ce, du 16 au 31 aout.
Alternatively, a leisurely bike ride through the hills and forests around Smir Lake gets guests close to tranquillity, unspoiled terrain and a diverse topography featuring rocky mountains, forests and lakes.