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SMIRSingle Mode Fiber Intermediate Range
SMIRSingle Mode Intermediate Reach
SMIRSuper Match Interdiction Rifle
SMIRServices Météorologiques Interrégionaux (France)
SMIRSupplier Master Information Register
SMIRSNMP Module Information Repository
SMIRShuttle Multispectral Infrared Radiometer (US NASA)
SMIRSingle Mode Intermediate Range (fiber optics)
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The inscription clearly politicized the housing project by underscoring the healthful characteristics of this "sunlit district" for the "craftsmen of the capital's economic rebirth"--a direct reference to Rome's industrial growth and, specifically, to the railway and dockworkers employed by SMIR.
Most and 2nd most important reasons for acquiring ARs in Australia % MIR % SMIR Holiday home or weekend cottage 13 8 To have a retirement home 6 13 'Pieds-a-terre' * 3 7 Investment properties ** 67 54 Other 11 18 Valid n: 433 MIR, 295 SMIR Notes: * combines responses 'for times when I am working away from my primary residence' and 'to have somewhere to live away from my primary residence'; ** combines responses 'to have an investment that returns rent' and 'to have a negatively geared investment'.
Le Departement releve, toutefois, des baisses des reserves d'eau dans certains barrages, dont celui de Hassan II (passe de 82,9% a 70,9%), Dkhila (de 87,5% a 38%), SMIR (de 85,6% a 58,5%) et de Twuizgui Ramz (de 19,3% a 0%).