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SMIRSNMP Module Information Repository
SMIRShuttle Multispectral Infrared Radiometer (US NASA)
SMIRSingle Mode Intermediate Range (fiber optics)
SMIRServices Météorologiques Interrégionaux (France)
SMIRSuper Match Interdiction Rifle
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The inscription clearly politicized the housing project by underscoring the healthful characteristics of this "sunlit district" for the "craftsmen of the capital's economic rebirth"--a direct reference to Rome's industrial growth and, specifically, to the railway and dockworkers employed by SMIR.
Most and 2nd most important reasons for acquiring ARs in Australia % MIR % SMIR Holiday home or weekend cottage 13 8 To have a retirement home 6 13 'Pieds-a-terre' * 3 7 Investment properties ** 67 54 Other 11 18 Valid n: 433 MIR, 295 SMIR Notes: * combines responses 'for times when I am working away from my primary residence' and 'to have somewhere to live away from my primary residence'; ** combines responses 'to have an investment that returns rent' and 'to have a negatively geared investment'.
Le Departement releve, toutefois, des baisses des reserves d'eau dans certains barrages, dont celui de Hassan II (passe de 82,9% a 70,9%), Dkhila (de 87,5% a 38%), SMIR (de 85,6% a 58,5%) et de Twuizgui Ramz (de 19,3% a 0%).