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Alfred Smirk considered himself very handsome; he spent a great deal of time about his hair, whiskers and necktie, before a little looking-glass in the harness-room.
The cook drew himself up in a smugly humble fashion, a deprecating smirk on his face.
He noticed my involuntary twitching and grimacing, and smirked:
This alteration in the fat boy's demeanour originated in his increased sense of his own importance, and the dignity he acquired from having been taken into the confidence of the young ladies; and the smirks, and grins, and winks were so many condescending assurances that they might depend upon his fidelity.
The courtiers smirked. Trippetta, pale as a corpse, advanced to the monarch's seat, and, falling on her knees before him, implored him to spare her friend.
Michael Gove, produced the biggest "Boris smirk" of them all, as he dropped the political bombshell of the weekend - that the UK Government would not necessarily be bound by any new law to delay Brexit, even if democratically passed by MPs and peers this week.
Ofcom received 21 complaints from the public when Rosie broke down in tears on the reality show, at which point Adam smirked and smiled rather than showing remorse for his actions.
Qualifiers for the national final in tumbling were McKenna, Dempsey McGeogh (Oxclose), Smirk and Imogen Atkinson (Greencroft).
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The inquest heard that Mr Brophy told his father Christopher he was upset because the man had smirked at him.
Ask not for whom the cartoon smirks; it smirks for thee.
(As they say with a smirk at the Brooklyn Museum, "dung happens.")