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SMISStrategic Management Information System
SMISStorage Management Initiative Specification
SMISSt. Mary's International School (Japan)
SMISStorage Management Interface Specification
SMISSecurity Management Information System
SMISSaint Maur International School (Japan)
SMISSpace Monitoring Information Support
SMISSociety for Management Information Systems
SMISSurveillance and Motorist Information System
SMISStandards & Metrology Institute of Slovenia
SMISService Médical Interentreprises du Saumurois (French: Medical Service Interentreprises of Saumur; France)
SMISStandardized Mixture of Internal Standards (Gene Express, Inc)
SMISSingle-Turn Multi-Layer Interlaced Stacked (transformers)
SMISSafeguard Management Information System
SMISSpace Mapping Interpolating Surrogate
SMISShips Management Information System
SMISSisters of Mary Immaculate School
SMISSymmetrized Microcell Interpolation Scheme
SMISSociété Mécanique Industrie Systèmes (French: Mechanical Systems Industry Company)
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The minister maintained, in 1st phase 400 government schools would be linked with SMIS while it would gradually be replicated to the entire 28000 government schools.
Considering that the promotion of SMEs / SMIs is an important lever for the fight against poverty and for the emergence of the economies of Member Countries of the UEMOA, the Council of Ministers of the Union adopted, at its meeting of September 29, 2015, the "mechanism to support financing for SMEs / SMIs in the WAEMU" whose implementation monitoring was entrusted to the BCEAO.
Crickets Little Master Hanif Mohammad had also received his secondary education from SMI and had played in SMIs spacious sports ground, Dr.
Providing verification is received from the GP, people with SMIs are either entitled to a 25% reduction if there are just two people living in the property or 100% exemption if they live alone.
He added that 90 per cent of the beneficiaries of these programmes were bumiptera SMIs.
Several funds were established to boost SMIs and to stimulate consumer spending, and the government has already cut the mandatory employee contribution to the provident fund by 2%, gave a half-month bonus to civil servants and lowered interest rates.
After all, the information-based decision making that managers perform will be well suited to SMIs.
i) Macro Economic Policy: Based on the experience of SMIs during the post war industrial period of Japan, South Korea, Philippines and Thailand, the macro policy frame-work that best suits SMIs is one which allows them to emerge and grow on equal footing with large scale industries (LIs).
According to a breakdown of the intervention, the retail Secondary Market Intervention Sales (SMIS) was assigned a total of $285,779,350, while $100 million was offered in the Wholesale SMIS auction window.
The SMIS include assessment of existing content, creation of new content and synchronization of all content with company websites and other on-line activities.
Smart provides high-speed internet access via satellite to universities , colleges and schools and to various SMIs, SMEs, and business corporations through its marketing partners.
Contract award notice: contract to supply equipment and medical equipment within the "ambulatory of the pneumology hospital iasi" smis code 19732.