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SMITSystem Management Interface Tool (IBM AIX)
SMITSociety for Medical Innovation and Technology (est. 1989; formerly Society for Minimally Invasive Therapy)
SMITSystem Management Interface Tools
SMITSecure Mobility Implementation Team (various companies)
SMITServicing Mission Integrated Timeline (NASA)
SMITSelf Managing IT
SMITSample Matrix/Iterative Algorithm
SMITSanjaya Memorial Institute of Technology (India)
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Co, SMIT agent in Iran, who has been a strategic partner for the organization of the event also spoke at the occasion.
SMIT had not yet started to pump out oil as of Sunday morning, Schuttevaer said.
The software will initially be used by 175 users at SMIT International, but at full roll-out the number of users is expected to increase to 500.
Today, Morocco is striving to make tourism one of its main engines for the country's economic development and SMIT has risen as an initiator of innovative projects and a major player in the engineering and tourism development fields that is able to ensure investors support throughout projects life cycles," he added.
Pour 2013, la SMIT envisage de finaliser les etudes de faisabilite pour la realisation de plusieurs projets qui necessitent de lever un investissement global de 38 milliards pour une capacite additionnelle de 36.
Stolk, manager operations for SMIT Subsea, stated, "With the addition of Schilling's HD[TM] work-class ROV systems SMIT is expanding and diversifying its global based inspection-class ROV fleet.
The achieved synergy between SMIT and SANTEX RIMAR GROUP allows customers to rely on a global service network, high-quality products, deep technological heritage and above all on an integrated technology provider for all production processes, from loom to finished - natural and technical - textiles.
SMIT has been a forerunner in the weaving textile machine sector since 1938 and has become a key player worldwide in supplying weaving machines for a large variety of applications: the technology characterizing SMIT production includes weaving machines with rapier weft insertion for home textiles, garments and terry cloths; air-jet weft insertion machine for high production volumes and customized solutions for the production of special technical fabrics.
SMIT has chosen to implement the new system step by step.
Santex Rimar Group and SMIT foster their strong commitment in turkey
Ferdinando Businaro, SANTEX RIMAR GROUP President said that SMIT Textile has deep roots and strong heritage.
In order to retain both strong brand names and to benefit from the well-established brand recognition, the joint venture will operate under the name KOTUG SMIT Towage.