SMJSony Music Japan
SMJSingapore Medical Journal (Singapore Medical Association)
SMJStrategic Management Journal
SMJSouthern Medical Journal
SMJService Municipal de La Jeunesse (French: Municipal Youth Service)
SMJsubject matter jurisdiction
SMJSummary Judgment (legal term)
SMJSaber Marionette J (WinAMP skin)
SMJSpace Media Japan Co., Ltd. (Japan)
SMJScottish Medical Journal (Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow)
SMJScatman John (singer)
SMJSuper Multiple Junction (automotive wiring)
SMJSaudi Medical Journal
SMJSelf-Monitoring Journal (weight loss)
SMJUnion Nationale des Spécialistes En Matériels de Parcs et Jardins (French: National Union of Specialists In Equipment for Parks and Gardens)
SMJScrap Metal Junkie (recycling resource)
SMJSociété des Mines de Jouac (French: Jouac Mining Company; France)
SMJSongklanagarind Medical Journal (Prince of Songkla University, Thailand)
SMJSweet Mother of Jesus
SMJSmartjack (Hekimian)
SMJSchönstatt-Mannes-Jugend (German religious initiative)
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The Victorian-style SMJ house, also known as the "Castle on the Hill," was built in 1888.
Como exemplo apresentamos uma frase da introducao do artigo de Dannels (2010), publicado no SMJ, apresentando o estudo de caso da empresa Smith-Corona: "Scholars and managers have long tried to understand why some firms survive and even prosper in the face of environmental changes, while others wither.
From 1985 to 1999, for example, the top three journals most cited by entrepreneurship articles in the leading management journals were, in order, ASQ, SMJ, and AMJ.
Apparemment simple, la definition du domaine de la SMJ devient complexe lorsqu'elle est operationnalisee en termes de services.
However there were no extensive surveys on other pelagic fish species to compare with anchovy before 1983 then we used catches as a proxy of relative abundance between anchovy and SMJ.
He is also a part of Television journalist Tim Sebastian's debate series "The Outsider" which is said to be on the lines of SMJ, but Pookutty said that "we are doing no such manipulation.
The SMJ Wealth Management team is made up of Chris Sotus, Mike McCullough and Alex Jarman and they were working at the Savannah office of Wells Fargo.
com)-- SMJ Property Group, a family owned and operated New Jersey real estate investment company has announced the purchase of three separate apartment properties totaling 28 units in the Heights section of Jersey City according to Steven Porada, head of acquisitions at the company.
The rating reflects a delay by SMJ in servicing its term loan.
Four fire engines attended the scene at SMJ Furniture Design in Lanelay Road Industrial Estate, Talbot Green, at about 11.