SMJStrategic Management Journal
SMJSouthern Medical Journal
SMJService Municipal de La Jeunesse (French: Municipal Youth Service)
SMJsubject matter jurisdiction
SMJSummary Judgment (legal term)
SMJSaber Marionette J (WinAMP skin)
SMJScottish Medical Journal (Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow)
SMJSuper Multiple Junction (automotive wiring)
SMJSaudi Medical Journal
SMJUnion Nationale des Spécialistes En Matériels de Parcs et Jardins (French: National Union of Specialists In Equipment for Parks and Gardens)
SMJSociété des Mines de Jouac (French: Jouac Mining Company; France)
SMJSongklanagarind Medical Journal (Prince of Songkla University, Thailand)
SMJSweet Mother of Jesus
SMJSchönstatt-Mannes-Jugend (German religious initiative)
SMJSmartjack (Hekimian)
SMJScatman John (singer)
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Meanwhile, this is not the first time the talk show SMJ has landed in controversy.
This transaction brings SMJ Property Group to its fifth Jersey City acquisition and their sixth acquisition in Hudson County for 2011.
s (2005) survey, they each accounted for 38% of the times when market measures were used as indicators of firm financial performance in the articles published in the SMJ from 1980 to 2004.
NEIGHBOUR: The SMJ Furniture Design fire caused smoke damage to stock at Rayrite Design, which is next door.
9) It has SMJ only over those types of cases, and may not proceed in any fashion in any other type of case.
Djavid GE, Mortazavi SMJ, Basirnia A, Roodsari GS, Jamili P, Sheikhbahaee N, Kaviani A (2003) Low level laser therapy in musculoskeletal pain syndromes: pain relief and disability reduction.
The SMJ Energy Saving Plug Adaptor goes on sale at selected Currys stores from today priced at pounds 9.
Annual conferences of the SMS and publications in SMJ and in the UK's Long Range Planning have been vehicles for presentations and articles through which the field of strategic management was able to develop sophistication and practical capabilities.
His work has been presented at conferences such as AOM, and currently has manuscripts under review at the SMJ, AMJ, and Group Dynamics.
Now we market them under the SMJ Max Performance brand and are talking to retailers about producing own-label ranges.
Austin ME, Kasturi BS, Barber M, Kannan K, MohanKumar PS, MohanKumar SMJ.
Before you give up on the idea all together why not opt for SMJ Home Improvements?