SMKSSchnitzelmitkartoffelsalat (German: artificial word used for search engine testing)
SMKSSaturday Morning Kids Show (est. 1985; Christian worship radio)
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The Valkyrie chamber that I had designed, however, limited seating of 90 grain SMKs to magazine length.
Looking at that very long 90 grain SMK bullet (over an inch) one might think it would be one of those bullets that would have a short jump before contacting the throat, however, measurement reveals the .224 Valkyrie SAAMI specification chamber has the 90 jumping longer than optimal.
I have also done some testing of the new SMK 95 grain bullets seated long in the Valkyrie.
America is awash in AR-15s and factory Valkyrie match ammunition (shooting SMKs) is relatively inexpensive.
The .224 Valkyrie's standard load is a 90-grain Sierra MatchKing (SMK) that has a Gl ballistic coefficient of .563.
Federal designed the case with the 90-grain SMK in mind.
The SMKS consisted of 30 multiple choice questions constructed by a Certified Health Education Specialist using information gathered from the Centers for Disease Control (2015), National College Health Association National Health Assessment (2015), and the WKU Health Education and Promotion Services.
Each SMK is supplied with conditioned dielectric coolant that is used to keep the processors cool.
90 grain SMK bullets are available in 50 and 500 count boxes.
The 80 grain SMK is about 31% more wind resistant than the then-popular 69 grainer it replaced at 600 yards.
Is the 90 grain SMK the final chapter in bullet design for the Mouse Gun?