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SMLSmall (clothing size)
SMLService Modeling Language
SMLSmith Mountain Lake (Virginia)
SMLSecurity Market Line (finance)
SMLSeamless (pipe manufacturing process)
SMLSuper Mario Land (video game)
SMLStella Maris, Bahamas (Airport Code)
SMLSyndicat des Médecins Libéraux (French: Liberals Medical Union)
SMLSpecific Migration Limit
SMLService Management Layer
SMLStandard Meta Language
SMLSo Much Love
SMLStrasser Marigaux Lemaire (French instrument manufacturer)
SMLSpacecraft Markup Language
SMLSurface Mixed Layer
SMLSecurity Mutual Life (insurance)
SMLsmartX (SmartCard) Markup Language
SMLSuncorp Metway Ltd (banking and insurance company in Queensland, Australia)
SMLSteel Markup Language
SMLStructured Modeling Language (entity relationship models)
SMLSuper Mario Långben (clan)
SMLSciences de La Mer et du Littoral (French: Marine and Coastal Sciences)
SMLSee My Last
SMLStorage Media Library
SMLSupport Material List
SMLScrew My Life
SMLStorage Management Lifecycle
SMLSymbolic Machine Language
SMLSociété Mycologique du Limousin (French: Mycological Society of Limousin; France)
SMLSport, Musique, Littérature (French: Sports, Music, Literature)
SMLSaudi Masterbaker Ltd
SMLSimple Maximum Likelihood
SMLStates Marine Lines
SMLSystem Management Layer (TMN)
SMLSynchronous Maintenance Link (Alcatel)
SMLStrategic Missile Launcher (gaming; Supreme Commander)
SMLSérrurerie Métallerie de La Loire (French: Locksmith Metalwork of Loire; France)
SMLSynchronized Markup Language (computing)
SMLSpecified Mechanical Load (insulators)
SMLStandard Math Library
SMLSmall, Medium and Large
SMLSimple Mailing List (software)
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Furthermore, I aim to reconstruct the natural composition of the SML in a wind-wave tunnel to study its ability to modify the ocean s surface at well-defined wind regimes.
The other treatment group received an SML-intensive curriculum that consisted of four class periods of SML and one class period of FFFL-intensive education.
The SCH is building five SML health centres, and the PHCC is building 20 community and other health centres.
SML Group controls coal mining assets in neighboring Tajikistan with significant resources in both anthracite and coal.
SML mines bauxite in the southeast part of the country, producing around 1.
So SML took legal on behalf of timeshare owners without bothering to ask them about it first?
They occupy a small floor space which SML says also means they have lower energy losses, and they have a low residence time for the polymer which makes material changing faster.
SML provides strategic communications advice to corporations, organizations and governments around the world.
It contains lists of substances with explanatory notes, detailed information on specific migration limits (SML) and overall migration limits (OML), labelling requirements and it explains the demonstration of compliance with OML, SML and QMA and the evaluation of results.
A bibliography and general index, SML identifier index, and raised exception index are included.
SML Mashinengesellschaft has appointed Karl Stoger managing director.