SMLCService Mobile Location Centre
SMLCServing Mobile Location Center
SMLCSmooth Muscle-Like Cell
SMLCSt. Matthew's Lutheran Church (various locations)
SMLCSt. Matthew Lutheran Church (various locations)
SMLCScience and Mathematics Learning Center (various universities)
SMLCShepherd of the Mountains Lutheran Church (Estes Park, CO)
SMLCSoftware Maintenance Life Cycle
SMLCSouthern Maine Labor Council
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[8] compared the efficacy of the semi-empirical sparkle model (SMLC II, MOPAC 93r2) to ECP ab initio calculations for the prediction of ligand field parameters of europium(III) complexes using the quasi-relativistic effective core potential of Dolg et al.
Wetzel stresses the promise of creating applications that go to where the data is most valuable: "The SMLC believes we can contextualize, coordinate and connect other platforms as well as meet you (processor) where you're at and start this journey on platforms."
He added, "Location estimation in UMTS network uses Positioning Calculation Application Part (PCAP) protocol over IuPC interface between RNC and the Stand-Alone SMLC (SAS).
SMLC. The SMLC is part of the GSM Base Station Subsystem (BSS) and can be either a standalone element or integrated into the BSC.
"The improved efficiency stemming from SMLC will assist North American metalcasters to be competitive in the world economy."
In the SMLC's view, SM is the sophisticated practice of generating and orchestrating the use of datadriven manufacturing intelligence using multiple real-time SM Systems pervasively deployed throughout all operating layers (i.e., control, automation, maintenance/reliability, operations, logistics, risk management, and business management) across the entire factory and supply chain [15].
"Companies will question, as they should, the assurances of a payback," said Jim Davis, chief technology officer at UCLA and cofounder of the SMLC. "If they invest in the technology, will they have the people to run the systems or might they now need to recruit for new skill sets?
[55] Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (SMLC), "Implementing 21st Century Smart Manufacturing," Workshop Summary Report, 2011.
While coining the term "SMLC" (single multiple level cell) may be good marketing, 120% over-provisioning of silicon capacity is not, in our opinion, a sustainable strategy.
ORMEC Systems Corporation's ServoWire Motion and Logic Controller (SMLC) family has expanded to four available models, designed to provide fully integrated and centralized machinery motion, I/O and networking control.
The SMLC is a fully-integrated control solution providing hardware and software building blocks that are engineered to easily plug together and work as a system.
These technologies are supported by TruePosition's leading SMLC (Serving Mobile Location Center), which is the only product on the market that can provide support for all location methodologies.