SMLEShort Magazine Lee Enfield
SMLESimulated Maximum Likelihood Estimation
SMLESmall, Medium and Large Enterprise
SMLEShort Model Lee Enfield (rifle)
SMLESmall Medium Local Exchange
SMLESous Marins Lance Engins (French: Sumbarine Lance Gear)
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When SMLE production caught up to need, most of these were sent to England's ally, Tsarist Russia.
The Mark III SMLE was the primary long arm carried by the British infantryman in World War I.
The grenade-launching SMLE made its debut in WWI with the development and manufacture of the No.
1 Mark III Short Model Lee-Enfields, better known as the SMLE.
III SMLE, absolutely "as issued," complete with sword bayonet.
For instance, one fellow demonstrated the battlefield advantage of the British SMLE.
Within months of the landing, most photographs of NZ soldiers show them carrying the SMLE rifle, no doubt recovered from Australian dead and wounded in an effort to match the rates of fire of the charger-loading rifles of their allies (and the Turks).
In 1948 Israel fought with the small arms of Great Britain (the SMLE, Sten SMG and Bren DAG) and ironically those of Holocaust perpetrator Nazi Germany (the K98k, MP40 SMG and the MG34 GPMG).
It was the last of their line of rifles designated SMLE (Short Magazine Lee Enfield) and dated from about 1916.
This device, which attached to Tommy's SMLE, consisted of a "V"-shaped guide that pivoted, causing a cutter to close over the wire and snip it when the unit was thrust over a strand.
The former were supplied with large amounts of ex-Axis weaponry by the Yugoslavia and Albania, while Britain and the USA provided government forces with SMLE, P14 Enfield, M1903 Springfield, M1917 and M1 Garand rifles and M1 Carbines.