SMLRSingle Mode Long Reach
SMLRSingle Mode Fiber Long Range
SMLRSchool of Management and Labor Relations (New Brunswick, NJ)
SMLRSingle-Mode Long Reach (computing)
SMLRStepwise Multiple Linear Regression
SMLRSyngeneic Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction (aka Syngeneic Mixed Lymphocyte Response)
SMLRStock Market Listing Rules (Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission)
SMLRSyngeneic Mixed Leukocyte Reaction
SMLRStandard Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction Test (immunology)
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Above all, SMLR analysis for predictors of gingival index based on medications did not derive gingival index, pocket depth, and clinical attachment as significant determinants.
To explore the relationship between participants' workgroup EI (WEIP-S scores) and their LSE (LSES scores), self-leadership (ASLQ scores), and leadership experience, we facilitated several Pearson correlations (see Table 1) and SMLR analyses (see Table 2).
Foody, "Evaluation of SVM, RVM and SMLR for accurate image classification with limited ground data," IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, vol.
After the ANN model established, stepwise multiple linear regression (SMLR) method used to develop linear model based on the same ANN subsets except the test and validation sets that merged to use as an external test set.
A Standard Multiple Linear Regression (SMLR) was performed between multiskilling as the dependent variable and service quality, retention, job satisfaction, remuneration, and promotion as independent variables for the front line managers.
Relationships between independent (physicochemical habitat characteristics) variables and dependent variables (fish density) were examined using stepwise multiple linear regression (SMLR) data from each of the three sample periods for both day and night.
Variables selected for citrus honey, storage at room temperature, and their regression coefficients in the equation calculated using SMLR Not standardized standardized coefficients coefficients t Sig.
JUNE 19 Finals: Alba, Parkman Group, Mondas, Parkman Group, Stewart & Wright Interims: Stanelco AGMs: Brit Insurance, Eloro Mining, Exploration Company, Ivory & Sime UK Smlr EGMs: Lamont, Oxus
Alan Heyman, managing director of SMLR Group,will discuss cyber security and governance.
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