SMMASoufriere Marine Management Area (St. Lucia)
SMMAStone Mountain Memorial Association (est. 1998; Stone Mountain, GA)
SMMASezon Museum of Modern Art (est. 1962; Japan)
SMMAStandard Mitigation Measures Agreement (various locations)
SMMAStyrene Methyl Methacrylate Copolymer
SMMASkin and Mucous Membrane Agent (pharmacology)
SMMASinkler Miller Medical Association (est. 1968; Oakland, CA)
SMMASimpsons Multimedia Archiv (ULOC, OFF)
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In addition, Bank Sinarmas is sizeable relative to SMMA in terms of total assets and equity, which limits the holding company's ability to provide support to the bank, even though in our view SMMA has strong propensity to do so.
CET SMMA copolymers reportedly combine the ease of processing of styrene polymers with the crystal clarity of acrylic.
Resirene, headquartered in Tlaxcala, Mexico, produces CET SMMA styrene-acrylic copolymers for the medical market.
Following Duchamp's conceit of presenting a scene spied through a pair of bored holes, Thomas used SMMA's project space to fashion a room accessible through peepholes alone.
Erdonmez Grocke (1999) devised the Structural Model for Music Analysis (SMMA) while researching Guided Imagery and Music (GIM).
Red: Simple Moving Average (SMA)<br> Blue: Exponential Moving Average (EMA)<br> Green: Smoothed Moving Average (SMMA)<br> Violet: Linear Weighted Moving Average (LWMA)
Professional Societies such as The American Chemical Society (, ISA (, and the SMMA (, also offer reasonably priced training in chemical, process control, and motors and motion control respectively.
Contributing editor Steve O'Neil is president of the Small Motors and Motion Association (SMMA) and vice president advanced research and planning of Micro Mo Electronics Inc., Clearwater, FL.
But obsolete design, inadequate parking, and minimal amenities limited the vacant property's appeal to the high-tech and financial services firms that frequented the area--until a master plan by Symmes Maini & McKee Associates (SMMA) opened the space up to the 21st century.
SMMA, Sherborn, MA, formerly SMMA--The Association for Electric Motors, Their Controls and Application, has become SMMA--Small Motors & Motion Association.
"Schools are supported by the entire community when they have facilities that serve the entire community," explains Edward Frenette, AIA, principal-in-charge, Symmes Maini & McKee Associates (SMMA), a Cambridge, MA-based full-service architectural and engineering firm that specializes in educational facilities.