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SMMHCSmooth-Muscle Myosin Heavy-Chain
SMMHCSuperstition Mountain Mental Health Center, Inc. (est. 1986; Apache Junction, AZ)
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2, CK5/6, and 34bE12) and myoid/basal cell markers (calponin, SMA, SMMHC, and p63) can be used to identify the cellular differentiation of most salivary gland tumors.
2 +weak or - +weak CK5/6 and 34[beta]E12 + + p63 + + S100 - + Vimentin - + Abbreviations: CK, cytokeratin; SMA, smooth muscle actin; SMMHC, smooth muscle myosin heavy chain; +, usually more than 70% of cases are positive; -, usually less than 5% of cases are positive; + or -, usually more than 50%, but less than 70%, of cases are positive; -or +, usually less than 50% of cases are positive; +weak, weakly positive; +weak or -, weakly positive or negative.
Its immunoreactivity was comparable to p63 and SMMHC.
Abbreviations: ADH, atypical ductal hyperplasia; CK, cytokeratin; DCIS, ductal carcinoma in situ; HMWCK, high-molecular-weight cytokeratin; MEC, myoepithelial cells; SMMHC, smooth muscle myosin heavy chain.
11) However, compared to SMMHC, it is a less sensitive and specific marker of MECs and shows more heterogeneity in the immunostaining pattern.
Overall, CD10 is less sensitive than MSA, SMMHC, and MSA in identifying MECs in the neoplastic setting.