SMMMSoft Matter Mathematical Modelling
SMMMSan Mateo Master Marlins (swim club; California)
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Kontrolei buvo parinktos neeksponuotos zuvys, o bandymo zuvys buvo veikiamos 7-ias, 14-a ir 28-ias paras sesiu prioritetiniu sunkiuju metalu modeliniu misiniu (SMMM), esant koncentracijoms, atitinkancioms Lietuvos vidaus vandenu didziausias leistinas koncentracijas (DLK) (Directive 2000/60EC) (1 lentele).
Siame eksperimentiniame tyrime, veikiant lasisas SMMM, ZSI nepatikimai sumazejo, o IK nereiksmingai padidejo (p > 0,1), lyginant su kontroline grupe (3 pav.).
Inheritance of the Pgi-2 isozyme locus was based on electrophoretic analyses of progeny from three kinds of crosses: ssmm x ssmm (n = 105), ssss x ssmm (n = 61) and ssss x smmm (n = 35) (Table 1).
A second group received saline on the 1st day of the cycle followed by 3 days of morphine (SMMM, n = 12).
If the novel side of the chamber is defined by the side opposite to which the animal was exposed on the last day of conditioning (the day prior to the place preference test), it would be expected that vehicle-drug (SMMM) animals would spend more time on the alternate as opposed to the putative conditioned side of the chamber.