SMMMSStudy of Magnetic Multilayers for Magnetoresistive Sensors
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45" (1150mm); electrostatically enhanced media; calendering of various plastic nonwovens, width 6"-61" (150-1500 mm); single or multilayer MS, SMS, SMMS and SMMMS composites up to 7 layers; Unique halar/polypropylene laminates; meltblown weight range 0.
Polypropylene filament nonwovens include spunbonded, SMS and SMMMS nonwovens.
In June 2007, Fiberweb shut down two production lines--a narrow SMS line and a narrow spunbond line--in Washougal, WA and closed an SMMMS barrier line, a spunbond line and a portion of a pilot line in Simpsonville.
With SAAF's extra capacity and the capability of its new SMMMS configuration, the company plans to further develop its Medalon+ range (a higher hydrohead version of Medalon) and revisit the Medalon A (inherently antimicrobial) range.