SMMNRASanta Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (California)
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There are diversions from the highway to lead into this mountain range and many do go through them as there are also large farmlands and farmhouses amidst the rugged wilderness of SMMNRA.
The SMMNRA began life just as federal money for land acquisitions dried up.
For more information on trips, call the SMMNRA at (818) 888-3770.
For more activities in the SMMNRA, get the free calendar Springtime in the Santa Monica Mountains and Seashore-1989 by visiting or calling SMMNRA headquarters, 22900 Ventura Boulevard, Woodland Hills; (818) 888-3770.
Three state parks and nine state beaches lie within SMMNRA.
The SMMNRA is a much better attraction than Disneyland or Universal City,'' said Bob Chandler, president of the National Park Foundation, a nonprofit organization that raises funds for national parks.