SMMOSarah McLachlan Music Outreach (arts project; Vancouver, Canada)
SMMOStrontium Magnesium Molybdenum Oxide
SMMOSoluble Methane Mono-Oxygenase
SMMOShort Message Mobile Originated
SMMOStrictly Monomer Molecular Orbital
SMMOShip's Maintenance Management Officer
SMMOSouthern Maryland Music Online (resource)
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PCR primers used for sMMO were mmoX f882 (5'-GGCTCCAAGTTCAAG GTCGAGC-3') and mmoX r1403 (5'-TGGCACTCGTAGCGCTCCG GCTCG-3') (McDonald et al.
DNA isolated from each mixed methanotrophic-heterotrophic culture was subjected to PCR with primers specific to only type I and type II MTs (MT-I, MT-II), MDH and sMMO. Table 1 shows the results of these experiments, with presence or absence of the specific genes indicated by + and -, respectively.
A standard colorimetric naphthalene oxidation assay was performed to detect activity of sMMO in these methanotrophic-heterotrophic mixed cultures (Brusseau et al.
From my initial stay, my team has initiated collaborations with two research groups at the department of biological sciences, University of Warwick, Coventry." With the laboratory of Colin Murrell, work is progressing on cloning and sequencing the sMMO gene from various methanotrophic cultures isolated in Canada and Germany.
The training of UFZ personnel by Miguez's team in aspects of molecular biology concerning the sMMO is also an integral part of the collaboration.