SMMRScanning Multichannel Microwave Radiometer (experiment)
SMMRScanning Multifrequency Microwave Radiometer
SMMRStatistical Methods in Medical Research (journal)
SMMRSix Month Maintenance Release
SMMRSevere Mental and Motor Retardation (neurololgy)
SMMRSwedish Meatball Motorcycle Riders (New England)
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Additionally, the [SM.sub.ECV] processing chain relies on overlapping observations for which the minimum amount of input soil moisture information needed cannot be met for the SMMR sensor before 1988 [41].
Arctic sea ice characteristics and associated atmosphere-ice interactions in summer inferred from SMMR data and drifting buoys: 1979-1984.
Among the words frequently used are: frnd (friend), wntd (wanted) smmr (summer) gn8 (good night), GR8 (great) and thnx (thanks).
Part III advocates a new liability standard, the SMMR, and specifically examines its implementation-based utility when compared to Laufer's model.
The SMMR inaugurated a special class of instrument, the conical scanner.
Owe, "Comparison and assimilation of global soil moisture retrievals from the advanced microwave scanning radiometer for the earth observing system (AMSRE) and the scanning multichannel microwave radiometer (SMMR)," Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, vol.
Sea ice concentrations from Nimbus-7 SMMR and DMSP SSM/I passive microwave data, 1979-2007.
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Zuerndorfer developed a freeze-thaw state classification algorithm based on radiobrightness data from the Nimbus-7 Scanning Multi-channel Microwave Radiometer (SMMR) [18,19].
Bootstrap sea ice concentrations from Nimbus-7 SMMR and DMSP SSM/I, updated 2008.
Concentration Nimbus-7 SMMR and